Cost Estimating

Sunland is a leader in delivering “spot-on” cost estimates that accurately depict project costs for all phases of design and construction. Our experienced team of cost estimators is led by an American Society of Professional Estimators(ASPE) Certified Professional Estimator. Through our knowledge and experience, Sunland can provide detailed estimates at all stages of the project, from conception to construction. Our parametric or conceptual estimates allow the Owner to set an attainable budget, and our detailed estimates at various stages of design and construction allow the project team to remain on budget. Sunland consistently prepares estimates that encompass all potential project costs, no matter how unique the project needs may be, and have a proven track record of providing excellent service to our clients. Sunland maintains an in-house proprietary estimating software and databases containing over 16,000 line items of construction materials and labor cost - with an emphasis on the unique cost associated with aviation. We also utilize and have a full understanding of, PACES, MII-MCACES 2nd Generation, TRACES, Saylor, RSMeans, Richardson’s, and Success.