Program & Project Management

Sunland’s Program and Project Management professionals provide oversight, leadership, structure, and continuity for all kinds of projects. From design kickoff and conceptual planning to construction close-out and turn-over, we work with clients, owners, and end-users to ensure that expectations, schedules, and budgets are met.

We understand the importance of fostering collaborative relationships with the design team, the owner and owner’s representatives, general contractors, on-site trades, and project control and budget specialists. By providing comprehensive oversight, we enable our clients to remain focused on their primary business.

Our Program and Project Management team consists of a full range of skilled individuals including: professional architects and engineers, master plumbers, master electricians, certified value specialists, professional cost estimators, professional schedulers, contract administrators, document control specialists, quality control managers, and certified inspectors.

Sunland’s program and project management approach will:

  • Foster relationships between designers, owner, and field staff.
  • Ensure accurate construction documents.
  • Facilitate project progress with efficiency and minimal delay.
  • Deliver quality projects consistent with SOW and expectations.
  • Review status of subcontractor assignments.
  • Meet with owners and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare a Project Management Plan specific to each project.