Value Engineering

As the cost of construction continues to rise, there is an increasing incentive for agencies to utilize every means possible to complete design and construction projects within budget and the scheduled time frame. Value Engineering (VE) can make a significant contribution toward greater economy by identifying, developing, and implementing alternatives for design, construction, and operation of a facility that best suit the intended use over the entire life cycle of the facility. When used properly by experienced specialists, VE is a tool that can help management gain the desired results within the constraints of time and cost.

Sunland has Certified Value Engineers and Specialists who work with experienced architects; civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, plumbing specialists, estimators, schedulers, construction managers, inspectors, and administrators, all with practical experience working on large and small design and construction projects. Our team has conducted numerous value engineering studies for both small projects with quick turn-around times and large, complex projects that require extensive analysis and development.

Value engineering studies conducted by Sunland have saved millions of dollars for both public and private clients including the City of Houston, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Border Patrol, Computer Sciences Corporation, Humana Hospitals, and Shell Oil Company.