AUS Interimaginary Departures Art Installation

Interimaginary Departures Art Installation

"Interimaginary Departures" is a public art installation at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). Positioned at Gate ∞, between Gates 12 and 14, “Interimaginary Departures” is an immersive and interactive piece by Brooklyn-based artist Janet Zweig, who was inspired by 3-D computer renderings and “The City and The City,” a novel about two cities existing within the same space.

The reimagined hold room draws inspiration from across the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. The space was designed to appear in the form of a regular AUS gate area which is mysteriously merging with a slightly off-angle room from an alternate world. The interactive experience features a variety of audio and visual elements designed to transport travelers to fictional worlds beyond such as Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Mushroom Kingdom, and more. “The opportunity to transform a hold room in an airport into a magical space has never been offered to an artist,” wrote Zweig in the project’s design narrative, adding it will be a “one-of-a-kind artwork and will distinguish the airport as a unique location for experiential art and a place with a playful sense of humor.”

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OWNER: City of Austin

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

MARKET: Aviation

SIZE: 1,202-sf

SERVICES: Architectural Documentation, Coordination