Quality Assurance, Inspections, Special Inspections, and Support Services (QASISS)

Sunland provided quality assurance services for many projects at Denver International Airport (DEN). Our inspectors assisted Project Managers in defining any special requirements and/or phasing strategies. During design, the inspectors would provide constructability reviews and escorting services to the design team for site investigations. During construction, the inspectors monitored the contractor’s implementation and compliance with the approved Safety Program. Inspectors provided daily inspections of projects ensuring compliance with contract documents and approved submittals. Additionally, the inspectors provided daily quantity counts of the work, tracked, maintained, and managed all issues and discrepancies, and ensured all as-builts were properly updated and adhered to DEN standards. The inspectors ensured compliance with all security procedures.

Here are a few of the projects as follows:

  • Concourse A International Node for Hardstand Arrivals
  • Food Court Remodel
  • Concourse A East Ground Load Facility – Adding 4 Bridges & Elevator
  • AGTS Central Control Upgrade
  • West Bridge Traffic Restoration
  • Runway 16L-34L Complex Pavement Rehab and ADG V Improvement

OWNER: City and County of Denver

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado

MARKET: Aviation

SERVICES: Quality Assurance Inspections