Taxiway EE Construction

As the largest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded project in the nation, the newly constructed taxiway, Taxiway EE, at Denver International Airport (DEN) improves safety and efficiency at the airport by eliminating a “hot spot” at the intersection of Taxiway M and Taxiway ED on DEN’s airfield. A “hot spot” designated by the FAA is a location in an airport movement area with a history or potential risk of collision or runway incursion, resulting in a demand for enlightened attention by pilots and drivers. Taxiway EE also reduces departure delays by allowing planes to taxi beneath Runway 17R-35L, eliminating the need to cross this active runway to reach Runway 17R-35L.

OWNER: City and County of Denver

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado

MARKET: Aviation

SERVICES: Quality Assurance (QA), Cost Estimating, Scheduling, Contract Administration