IAH WA and WB Taxiway Rehabilitation

WA and WB Taxiway Rehabilitation

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) undertook a rehabilitation project in 2011 for Taxiways WA and WB. Since then, signs of pavement failure along the main taxiway emerged so a full-depth reconstruction was needed to address incidents of foreign object debris in the failing pavement.

Sunland provided cost estimates for the taxiway removal and replacement. The project, divided into nine main phases and twenty-one subphases, was executed without disrupting airport operations. It included the full-depth replacement of 240,000-sy of concrete pavement and 17,610-lf of storm sewer. Sunland’s cost estimate closely matched the Construction Manager at Risk’s by 1%.

OWNER: Houston Airport System

LOCATION: Houston, Texas

MARKET: Aviation

SERVICES: Cost Estimating