Texas State University LBJ Student Center Expansion

LBJ Student Center Expansion

The LBJ Student Center at Texas State University is a five-story building that is an important part of student life on the University campus. Phase II of the expansion included 48,763-sf of new construction and 24,404-sf of renovated space. The ballroom spaces on the 3rd floor include a new ballroom for 500-seated occupants and a renovation of the existing ballroom for 400 occupants. The 5th floor includes a large meeting room, a medium meeting room, and two conference rooms. The 2nd floor creation of a new Multicultural Center with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has nice staff offices, student resource spaces, work rooms, and conference and gathering spaces.

Expansion and reconfiguration of the Welcome Center and Alumni Relations Office provide better exposure to visitors, new students, and alumni. The renovation and extension of the existing atrium space updated and improved the interior and exterior aesthetic of the overall center. The reconfiguration and addition of student lounge/shared spaces provide a variety of functions to students, faculty, and visitors.

OWNER: Texas State University System

LOCATION: San Marcos, Texas

MARKET: Higher Education

SIZE: 73,167-sf

SERVICES: Project Controls, Cost Estimating, Scheduling