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P3 Financial and Transactional Advisor Services

The City of Pflugerville in Texas has been working toward identifying and purchasing land to support a civic center that includes a city hall, recreation center, and mixed-use development. Sunland designed the visioning master plan for the City of Pflugerville Downtown East Development. This project was executed in six phases:

1. Data Collection: Sunland collected site-related data and consolidate it into one comprehensive file to define the developable portions of the land and the infrastructure needs to support the overall development.

2. Stakeholder Engagement: Our team worked with the City to identify and engage groups and individual stakeholders and establish a stakeholder working group. We met with the stakeholders on numerous occasions to share ideas and concerns and translated those into actionable design ideas on the master plan.

3. Public Outreach: Our team worked with the city to develop an online survey that was distributed manually and through the City’s Project website. Prior to conducting the public meeting, our team created meeting materials (presentation, visuals, printout) and assisted with meeting scheduling and logistics.

4. Estimates: Sunland prepared a rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost for the site infrastructure needed to support the upcoming development.

5. Final Visioning Masterplan Report: Sunland utilized a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which included noting activities, organizing, and mapping out tasks essential to completing the project. Sunland planned an overall schedule showing major milestones but also included necessary internal tasks required to meet the major milestones.

6. Developer Evaluation and Selection: Sunland helped draft the developer solicitations and participated in the evaluation committee's review and selection of the developers' proposals.

OWNER: City of Pflugerville

LOCATION: Pflugerville, Texas

MARKET CATEGORY: Municipal & State

SERVICES: Master Planning, Visioning, Outreach/Stakeholder Engagement, Estimating, Scheduling, Procurement