CapMetro – Plaza Saltillo Double Track

Plaza Saltillo Double Track

CapMetro identified the need to define conceptual options, plans, project constraints, considerations, and rough order-of-magnitude (ROM) capital costs for the installation of a second track and associated improvements between the Plaza Saltillo development (Onion Street) and Robert T. Martinez Jr. Street to ultimately connect to the Austin Junction Wye double-track section.

A primary objective of this effort was to enable CapMetro to coordinate with the City of Austin and private development projects regarding the ultimate CapMetro use of the right of way. These adjacent and concurrent projects will require initial coordination with applicable parties during this early design process.

The scope of work included the development of conceptual design options, identification of a recommended option, and 10% design for the recommended option.

OWNER: Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro)

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

MARKET: Transit

SERVICES: Cost Estimating

COMPLETED: Design Complete February 2020